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Switching to renewable energy will lower your fuel bills by up to 50%, help combat climate change and, as a bonus, generate you an income.

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Install Commercial Biomass for your office

A commercial biomass installation will make massive savings on oil or LPG costs as well as fantastic cost savings if your current heating system runs on main gas.

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Generate FREE Electricity with Solar

Solar panels are a great way to generate free electricity for your home all year round.

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Find out how Mr Doxey made huge savings on his heating

“The biomass boiler Euro Energy Services installed is fantastic. My radiators used to take an hour to get warm with my oil boiler, now the heat is pretty much instant and I have total control over it. I’ve already recommended them to several friends.”

Mr Doxey, Doncaster.

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Save up to 50% on your heating bills

Biomass boilers can save you up to 50% on heating costs compared to traditional fuel boilers, offering a genuine solution to traditionally expensive ways to heat your home such as oil, LPG or electricity.

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Helping you make the most of renewable energy technologies.

Traditional sources of energy – oil, gas and coal – are getting lower and will eventually run out. So it makes sense to turn to renewable energy sources, such as Biomass Boilers and Solar Panelsto ensure we can keep our homes warm and the lights on well into the future. Our team will guide you through every step of the process to help you make the most of the energy incentives the government have available. Ensuring that you save money on your energy bills and earn an income by generating your own renewable energy.

Biomass Boilers

Biomass Boilers

As well as the fuel savings, thanks to the government backed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), owners who install renewable energy technologies, such as a biomass boilers, to heat their home will receive a regular tax free, inflation linked income, guaranteed for 7 years and in doing so, help the UK to reach its carbon reduction targets.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels, also known as Solar PV are a great way to generate free electricity for your home. Once you’ve had them installed you’ll soon forget the panels are even there. Solar PV silently generates electricity for you from the sun and any power you can’t use can be sold to the grid and generate an income from the Feed-in Tariff.

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Biomass boilers are perfect for smaller homes

There’s a myth that biomass boilers will only fit into large homes which have dedicated boiler rooms, or need specially constructed eco-sheds. In fact biomass boilers can happily be installed outside if space is at a premium. That’s exactly what we did for the Gaskell... read more

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